What types of books can I print?

We currently offer four types of books: Perfect Bound Soft Cover, Perfect Bound Hard Cover, Coil Bound, and Saddle Stitch Bound books.

What is the minimum and maximum page count for book printing? 

- Perfect Bind: minimum of 25 sheets (or 50 pages); maximum 200 sheets (or 400 pages);

- Saddle Stitch Books: minimum of 4 sheets (or 8 pages); maximum 20 sheets (or 40 pages);

- Coil Bind: minimum of 2 sheets (or 4 pages); maximum of 200 sheets (or 400 pages);

- Hard cover: minimum of 50 sheets (or 100 pages); maximum of 200 sheets (or 400 pages);

What is the minimum quantity for ordering?

You can order just one book if you want. However, it's important to note that the more you order, the cheaper the unit price will be.

Can I order a printed proof?

Yes, you can order a printed proof before we complete your full order. The price will be based on your project. However, to receive a printed proof, you must place an order for a minimum of 15 books.

What is the difference between ordering a printed proof and just one book?

Ordering a printed proof is usually cheaper than ordering just one book. It allows you to modify your file before we print your full order and provides an opportunity to receive feedback from our designers. Additionally, you can request another printed proof for the same price before the final print run. This approach saves both money and time. In contrast, ordering just one book is typically more expensive because if you need to make changes, you must edit the file and place another order. Please note that if you are outside Winnipeg, pickup is not available; only courier services are offered.

I received more books than I ordered and was charged for them. Why?

As described in each book page's description, our production process includes printing 2-4 extra books to replace any that may be damaged during production. Sometimes we use these extras, and sometimes we don't. Any extra books are sent to you. This policy ensures our quality standards are met and guarantees that you will not receive fewer books than you ordered.

How can I ensure the best print quality for my books?

The quality of your books begins with your file. Ensure your file meets our quality standards by providing, preferably, an open .PDF file with bleeds, crop marks, CMYK colors, and high-resolution images. If you require professional assistance, our specialists are available for an additional fee to ensure the best possible print quality. This option is available for all of our products.