Spine Width Calculator

Spine Width Calculator

  • Use our easy tool here to quickly determine the thickness of your spine for design purposes. 

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  • The spine should be the same height as your trim height plus bleed room. For example, if you book is 9” (length) x 6” (width), then naturally the spine of your book would also be 9” (length). The spine width depends on the number of pages in your book. A general approach to calculate your spine width would be to use the following formula: # of pages ÷ 434 = spine width in inches. 

  • If you are still unsure whether the measurements in you file are completely accurate, you can request the cover measurements from us. We are very confident in the above calculation and in most cases, we can make minor adjustments to your cover file to properly fit your book. Minor adjustments to your files (15 minutes or less of prepress time) are provided free of charge.

NOTE: This calculation is based on using 60lb. Offset Text (White or Cream/Ivory) for the inside pages + 10pt. C1S Cover Stock. If you are selecting alternate stocks this may change your calculation.