File Upload

Guide to Uploading your file(s)

Before you upload your files, please review our simple guidelines

A. Sending Your Files

Once your files are properly formatted for submission, we would recommend using our file transfer section on our website to send your file quickly and easily to us. While it is possible to send smaller files as email attachments (not exceeding 5MB in total for ALL attachments), files containing images would likely be too large to send by email.  

We would also accept files from other file transfer sites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Hightail, and other popular choices. For clients local to the Winnipeg or Manitoba area, you can also drop off files via USB stick (or speak to us, if you have any questions) in person. Once files are received and identified, we will send a confirmation of the receipt of your files.


B. Submitting Print Ready Files

PDF Files are the BEST!

It would be best to submit your files as high-resolution PDF files. Typically, clients submit 1 file for the book block and 1 file for the covers. Please ensure that your book block and cover files are sized correctly (i.e., if you wish to print your book as 9” x 6” then ensure that all inside pages are sized to 9” x 6” and not sized to the default setting in Word of 8.5” x 11”).   

The cover file must include the front cover, spine (if required) and back cover all combined into a single PDF file. If you are planning to include a cover file for your book but are unsure whether the measurements in you file are completely accurate, you can request the cover measurements from us. In most cases, we can make minor adjustments to your cover file to properly fit your book. Minor adjustments to your files (15 minutes or less of prepress time) are provided free of charge.

In the case of illustrated children’s books or photo books (under 50 pages), .jpeg or .TIFF files for each page would be acceptable. If sending individual files for each page, we would recommend renaming your files in a numerical format to show the order they are to appear in your book (for example 001, 002, 003 etc.).

When converting your file to the PDF format in Adobe Acrobat, we suggest using the press quality setting. Other software will use terms such as high quality or print quality for their PDF conversion settings. It is not necessary to choose a specific color profile when converting your file to the PDF format. The default setting in Acrobat is best. Our presses will automatically detect the proper print profile and will reproduce the colors in your file accurately.