About Us

Self-Publishing, Simplified

It's these simple yet powerful words that summarize who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Since 1989 (yes, that’s over 32 years) we have been involved either directly or indirectly in the book printing and self-publishing industry. Over the years we have helped hundreds (if not thousands) of clients bring their self-publishing dreams to a physical and tangible reality. One could say that after over 3 decades of printing production and our fair share of “learning moments”, we have truly created a process for self-publishers that is simplified, stress free and delivers books of the highest quality in a timely manner. 

We have expanded our self-publishing division by continually investing in the latest printing equipment and technology. In 2018, we were the first company in Canada to install the newest Xerox Iridesse Colour Production Press to help with our ever-expanding book-printing division. In 2021, we tripled our productivity on black/white soft-cover books by adding a 2nd much larger and quicker production press (in addition to an already installed B/W production press in our facility). In total, we now have 5 dedicated production presses that produce 1000’s of books each month with exceptional quality and in timelines that are the fastest anywhere in Canada! 

We are with our clients at every step of their printing journey and here to help make is simplified!